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I know what you hide from her, from usss. It is my fate and curssse to know such things and be unable myssself to prevent them. Know that I now asssk for forgiveness for the wrongs I will caussse you in the future, but I mussst be what I am destined to be... as Malygos is.

- Nozdormu
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Hello and welcome to Insane Kings.

We have been around for about a year and have evolved to be a friendly guild, who is happy to help our members. We have recently cleared out our inactive members and are starting over from scratch. Our leadership is stable, with the same guild leader, not to mention a crew of devoted officers, that has stuck with the guild since its formation.

We raid a four days a week (Thursday though Sunday) leaving Monday though Wednesday for alt runs, leveling, having fun with your guild mates, or other Real-life-related personal pursuits. We sometimes push progression on Monday nights when we feel that we are really close to downing a new boss.

But real life pursuits will always come before anything in game. If you can't make a guild event becuase something has happened that's just fine. No worries.

What we expect from applicants:

- We're looking for people who have a guild first mentality, yet has a strong personal desire for progression and improvement. A good attitude is essential for the applicant.

- Extended raid experience is a huge plus (Cata especially).

Raid Teams: Endgame, Scourge Lords

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News =^^=

bronze-vixen, Apr 26, 12 12:12 PM.
Raid Teams: Scourge Lords and Endgame. They each have their own rosters in the forums. If you're interested Read the rules (both guild and raid rules) and send me a whisper pm or something :)

Scourge Lords: Level 80 twinks doing Wraith raids.
Endgame: End game content raids.

Sister guild Horde side: We have a level one sister guild horde side named <Draconian Guardians>. One of my officers is the guild leader there and we are actively recuiting. You can whisper any officers for an invite.

Sister guild Alliance side: <Children of Alexstrasza> is our leveling guild and social guild. They are level 14 and will be glad to accept any members.

May the Light Brighten your way and Protect you,
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Scarlet Crusade (RP)
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